updated August 2018

New Mexico "The Land of Enchantment" — Motto: "Crescit eundo" (It grows as it goes)

Noli in Spiritu Combueri (Refuse to be Burnt Out) — Edward Sanders

We live in a rainbow of chaos — Paul Cézanne

All You Need is Love — The Beatles


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As of July 31, 2018, the University of New Mexico has terminated our contract with them to distribute our titles to the trade. This follows the end of our relationship with Small Press Distribution as well. All La Alameda Press titles are only available through us via this website. Please order either by email or use the handy dandy form and send us a letter through the postal service.

shadow Wayward Shadow
Bruce Holsapple
poetry • $16.00 • 978-1-888809-69-5

fools Fool's Gold
Norman Schaefer
poetry • $16.00 • 978-1-888809-66-4

arcs Aux Arcs
Shin Yu Pai
poetry & photographs • $18.00 • 978-1-888809-67-1

bone horses Bone Horses
Lesley Poling Kempes
fiction • $20.00 • 978-1-888809-65-7

hinge Hinge Trio
Heller Levinson • Linda Lynch • Felino A. Soriano
poetry & art • $18.00 • 978-1-888809-64-0
limited edition with dustjacket

astonishment Standing in Astonishment
John Tritica
poetry • $14.00 • 978-1-888809-63-3

arapaho From the Arapaho Songbook
Andrew Schelling
poetry • $14.00 • 978-1-888809-61-9
seeding brandi Seeding the Cosmos
John Brandi
haiku • $14.00 • 978-1-888809-60-2
holsapple Vanishing Act
Bruce Holsapple
poetry • $10.00 • 978-1-888809-59-6

sunny top

The Sunny Top of California
Norman Schaefer
poetry • $14.00 • 978-1-888809-58-9

joe' religion Joe's New Religion
John Orne Green
poetry • $12.00 • 978-1-888809-57-2

Splitting Hard Ground
Marilyn Stablein
poetry • $12.00 • 978-1-888809-56-5


Ancient village, little streets, hang-tough neighborhoods, irrigation ditches, the North Valley,“lost garden” in sprawl culture, the small with the big, Alameda, road of trees. Boulevard of oasis, worn path, a way—enduring ecology of beauty—as in the Navajo word for "beauty"—hozhó :: balance or harmony; & the effort toward.

Funky, but lovely. Persistent dreams on the edge of town. Flowers in a vase. What seems radiant surrounding us—we feel permeates, travels on grapevines & wavelengths. Or, exactly opposite, some core mystery acts as magnet drawing close kindred spirits from elsewhere. Regional, then, manifests within a connective sense beyond territory.

Long live Muses of every stripe & persuasion! We prefer odd ducks, the weathered, the water-smart, lyrical cooks, & the grateful. Out of such grows a unique, honed elegance,a shapely mind leading to a shapely life. We regard this as the tradition of literature in these parts—songs for inhabitants.



La Alameda Press began on a kitchen table with the production of Kate Horsley’s novel Crazy Woman in 1992 and we are still at it. Perhaps it would be more accurate to classify us as a micro-press since we operate out of our house by the skin of our teeth. We try to make beautiful books of artistic and cultural merit. Many, but not all, of our titles are poetry because we believe poetry is an essential artform in all of its sincerity, various passions, experimentalism, and wisdom.



The best way to support small press literature is to buy a book! This simple website is your opportunity to help us directly. We also recommend patronizing your favorite independent bookstore, hopefully one owned and staffed by knowledgeable people who care about what's on their shelves. Our books are distributed to the trade via the University of New Mexico Press and Small Press Distribution. You can also find our books at Please see our Ordering Info for website addresses. Any of these places will enable you to have a secure credit card transaction. Or use our printable order form which you can fill out and send in with a check.

The La Alameda Press website includes our catalog; news concerning our authors as we catch wind of their further activities; information about the graphic design end of things (i.e. making a living); the diehard artistic pursuits of both J.B. Bryan (painting, poetry, printing, music, & clay) and Cirrelda Snider-Bryan (clay & illustrations); and a somewhat obsessive bevy of links (which if one connects the dots— spells out an underlying aesthetic and perhaps a sense of community). We hope that this website has a sense of life beyond the marketplace.



Sorry we are not accepting manuscripts.