Phyllis Hotch


No Longer Time


40 pages

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches

ISBN: 1-888809-27-2



These are beautiful poems that will break your heart and bring you closer to yourself and more intimate with love. Hotch has carried grief and her daughter’s death into full bloom.

—Natalie Goldberg

In this sheaf of poems, the poet shares a collection of most unguarded human testimonies as she speaks of losing her adult daughter to cancer. Where a poem might go soft with sentiment, we see instead courage to burn through to reality; when a less confident voice might waver in precision, here we see commitment to truth-telling; when a misstep might even be forgivable given the high-stakes emotions of burying the dead, we’re treated to heartfelt meditative reflection captured in language of clarity. This collection of poems will be of use to its readers as it offers comfort in its candor, eloquence in its lament. We can stand for a moment to face our own losses and let go, even as these poems let us hold on to life at the very same instant. We owe this poet a debt.

—Adelle Leiblein


A.B., English, Brooklyn College; former Massachusetts high school English teacher; literary coordinator for Arts/Wayland Art Center; member of S.O.M.O.S. board for twelve years.