Porter & Rose Swentzell


The Story
of Rosie’s Rat

A Kids’ Story

48 pages

8 x 8 inches

ISBN: 0-9631909-5-4



In this charming tale written and illustrated by two children from Santa Clara Pueblo lies a message of simple affection and concern for a small friend named Monta.

A good rat is hard to find, and an even better one will come back to those who love her. Love finds a way, or a scent, or whatever it takes. Hope runs through the fields with visions of a warm nest dancing in her ragged little head. Bravery and perseverance always win out. And when you least expect it—your rat comes back!


Porter and Rose Swentzell wrote this book in 1992 when they were ten and eleven years old. Now they are adults, someday they will read this to their own children and it will still be a wonderful story.