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Big Bridge — West Coast Vision E-Zine

BookSlut — Book reviews & slant

Exquisite Corpse — Andrei Codrescu & more

Duration Press — Portal to interesting small presses

University of Buffalo Poetry Archives— Poetry resources

Jack Magazine — Beat Legacy & Beyond

Makura-no-soshi — Shin Yu Pai's daily news

Rough Road Review — Placitas poetry & opinion

Skanky Possum — Whippersnappers

The Drunken Boat — Excellence from the Four Corners

Light & Dust Karl Young's magnus opus site of links and intelligence

Tom Raworth — The Man & good company; see Gus Blaisdell memorial page

Naropa Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

Jacket Deep E-zine with in-depth issues of articles & poems

Franco Beltrametti Poet, artist, mind

Small Press Traffic Long-enduring organization

The Poetry Project NYC / St. Marks / legendary

Copper Canyon Press Esteemed standard bearers

Santa Fe Broadside E-zine of the Southwest & great links

Rain Taxi Magazine Review of Books both online and print

Poetry Flash West Coast news & events, plus archives of past issues

FishDrum Magazine Exuberant "continuous nerve movie" that sings & surprises

Council for Literary Magazines & Presses Resources for the literary landscape

Academy of American Poets As in "the academy"

Arthur Sze Interview with Rebecca Seiferle

Joanne Kyger Interview with David "Cucumber" Chadwick

Philip Whalen "Whatnot": an interview with David Meltzer

Poet as Shaman Dedicated page on Gary Snyder; good links

Gary Snyder "Freewheeling the Details": interview in Poetry Flash with Peter Coyote

David Hinton Translator of Chinese poetry & philosophy; also a poet

Xue Di Releasing: Light & Darkness / interview; other good interviews at this site too

Haiku Society of America Founded in 1968—over 800 members from all parts of the USA and the world

Modern Haiku An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies since 1969. Good reviews and essays, check out the lengthy one on Jack Kerouac's haiku

AHA! Poetry Online cornucopia, good links with tanka and haiku sites

The Narrow Road to the Deep North Full text with various translations, (the primary one is by Nobuyuki Yuasa). Also a fine profile of Basho by Makoto Ueda

Woodstock Journal I'm voting for Ed Sanders for President :: "working for organic food supply, safe air, nonpolluted water, a total end to poverty, national health care, personal freedom, and fun." Read Miriam on the Spring Peepers.

The Museum of American Poetics The Transmissions page is worth the price of admission :: which is free; also Napalm Health Spa 2003 which has incredible poem by Art Goodtimes "After the Elections" "Waiting once again to vote out the rascals & vote in the lyric valuables."

Conjunctions Plain smart. Check out the archives :: poems and stories and more. You can find #V of Carol Moldaw's The Lightning Field and three poems of Cesar Vallejo translated by Rebecca Seiferle

Gerald Locklin Interview by Raindog with links

Lummox Press — The legacy of Charles Bukowski; Raindog; The Little Red Book Series: The Long Beach Tradition

James Sallis "Find beauty. Try to understand., Survive" for a great article called Writing by the Seat of your Pants (& (Web del Sol has an incredible portal with ratings of e-zines. Surf's up.)


Small Press Distribution The Source of small press publications & poets

Advanced Book Exchange Favorite all around place for used books online

Serendipity BooksPeter Howard's treasure chest

Cinco Puntos Press Publishing great books from the U.S. / Mexico border, the American Southwest, and Mexico

Granary Books Outstanding art/poetry press

Paragon Book Gallery Source for books on Asian art & culture

Stone Bridge Press Books about Japan (see Wabi-Sabi)

Grolier Poetry Book Shop Excellent bookstore and reading series

Longhouse Bob Arnold's site for finding the books you desire, as well as his Woodburner's Reviews which are smart and extremely enjoyable to read. A bona fide member of the Lorine Niedecker fan club

Gary Lawless / BlackberryBooks "The Art of the Small Press" :: The pay is lousy and the recognition minimal. So how do small publishers stay in the business?

Woodland Pattern Someday I shall make a pilgrimage and visit this cultural hub of Wisconsin. "The center houses a bookstore with over 25,000 small press titles otherwise unavailable in our area. Because we are nonprofit, our inventory decisions aren't dictated entirely by commercialism. As booksellers and as presenters of art and literature, we want people to know that there is more than what you see at your chain book store, more than wjat you are taught in school, more than what is reviewed in the papers. We hope to act as a catalyst, putting readers together with small press literature. Come browse our selection of poetry, chapbooks, fine print materials, broadsides, and multicultural literature. We think you'll be impressed!"


Desert Rose Press — Clifford Burke & Virginia Mudd, master printers

Briar Press — Resources for letterpress printers

Boxcar Press — Photopolymer plates & good work

Dale Guild — Revival foundry

Don Black Linecasting — Equipment & type

Harold Berliner —Another hot metal foundry

Califia Books — Limited Editions & Artist Books

Poltroon Press — Limited Editions & Trade Books; Poetic Lore

Free Mac Fonts — Freeware/Shareware Digital fonts

Emigre — Taste Makers

M & H Type Since 1915 & still alive / one of the best sources for metal type

Typologia Frederic Goudy's master text

A Brief History of Type Letterforms in a nutshell


Scott Greene Friend & fellow painter

Japan Art — German gallery (see Yu-Ichi)

Shanghai Art — Contemporaray Chinese Art

Tibor de Nagy Gallery— Blue Chip New York

Sharks Ink — Great Prints

Greg Kucera Gallery Seattle, mostly prints, nice photos

Barbara Krakow Gallery— Contemporary of interest

Robert Zakanitch — Pattern & decoration

Art 21 / Natural World— Smart artists

Cecile Moochnek Gallery — Berkeley gallery

Green Museum— Eco-aesthetics

John Berggruen Gallery — San Francisco gallery

Artforum — Hmmmm?

Mayumi Oda Luscious in all the ways :: "Let Wisdom Ride the Swan"

Joan Weissman Studio Gorgeous custom rugs :: "global aesthetic inspired by nature as well as pure abstraction"

Henri Matisse Good reproductions

Clement Greenberg This site is a stunning find (no matter what you think of Mr. Greenberg's opinions) with a number of his classic essays, various tidbits, AND a facscimile of his out of print book on Matisse. One of those little pocket books on a famous artist, it nevertheless championed Henri with a fresh voice. "Matisse is art that speaks for itself through its 'mechanics', it's 'form' and through the feeling which that 'form' makes manifest. It's not by far the first to do so and to transcend the illustrated subject by doing so. (All good painting and sculpture does that to some extent). But just as Matisse rejected verbal rhetoric so he kept every last trace of illustrational rhetoric out of his art. He may have been the first painter in our tradition to do that in a really radical way. This doesn't make his art better than a Giotto's or Caravaggio's or Goya's or David's, not necessarily. But it does make it a salutory example for all those people who find it hard, in any medium, to mean what they say."

Japan's Living National Treasures Ceramics, textiles, bamboo, metal & more

Gitter-Yelen Art Study Center The Manyo'an Collection of Japanese Art focuses on Edo-period (1615-1868) works in the Zenga, Nanga, Rinpa, Maruyama-Shijo, Ukiyoe, and Eccentric styles.

Joe Brainard — Terrrifffic. Artist, but also writer. Get I Remember. Online though is a little series called "Ten Imaginary Still-Lifes."

Masters of Ink Chang Dai-Chien, T'ang Haywen, Zao Wou-ki


Japanese Pottery — Portal to great potters of Japan

Anagama — Shiho Kanzaki & other wood-fire aficionadoes

Kumano Kurouemon— Ultra wabi potter

Dai Ichi Arts — New York gallery

Phil Rogers Pottery — Welsh potter

Artist Potters — Rob Barnard, Catherine White & more

Richard Milgrim Tea ceramics

Shimaoka Tatsuzo In the Shoji Hamada tradition :: " A profound familiarity with the materials"

Ceramic Sculpture.com Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, Peter Callas, Kristin Muller, and many other "clay artists"

Raku-yaki The making of Raku ware was initiated by Chojiro, the first generation of the Raku family, during the Momoyama period (1573-1615). It could be said that the origin of Raku ware lay in the making of a single tea bowl for the tea ceremony. Now fifteen generations later. See Raku Generation in Raku Family.

Japanese Raku & Its American Renaissance Gabor Terebess, a Hungarian, compares the two approaches


Outpost Performance Space Albuquerque's Fabulous Nonprofit Community-based Performing Arts Center

Don Cherry Discography on great trumpet artist

Bob Dylan Thee Bob Dylan Website w/ lyrics & the works

Rickie Lee Jones She's hip in the deep on-the-level way; excellent smart website

Classic Blues Free MP3 downloads for educational purposes

Bluespedia The Reverend Rabi the Blueswoman gets it together

Medeski Martin Wood JamJazzGrooveKickAssHopScratchInSoulOut

Nimbus West Horace Tapscott & creative West Coast; support independents everywhere

Thelonious Sphere Monk Composer, pianist, my favorite music

Thelonious Monk Another good site

Connie Crothers Exceptional pianist in the Lennie Tristano tradition

Fred Hersch Pianist & composer: "Few jazz pianists have ever struck as beguiling a balance between technique, feeling, insight and imagination"

Warne Marsh Discography etc. of saxophonist extraordinaire

Lennie Tristano Dedicated site

Myra Melford Pianist & composer;"lush lyricism and organized by an architectural sense of composition she derived from classical training"

Gillian Welch "Stark but powerful stories set to music whose bare intensity
conveys an almost unbearable beauty"

Jazzmatazz Portal for jazz info,links, CDs, musician sites (i.e Oliver Lake, Steve Lacy & more)

The Jazz Loft Source for CDs of independent jazz (Vinny Golia, Henry Threadgill, Hugh Ragin, Marilyn Crispell, etc.)

Zerx Records Home of The Bubbadinos & improvisors & poets & geenyuses


Common Dreams Progressive news archive

The Nation Conventional wisdom since 1865

The Lies of George W. Bush "Mastering the Politics of Deception" by David Corn, keep track of old lies and new deceptions :: falsehoods, fibs and fabrications

Jakob Nielsen Guru of Useability on the Web (common sense design)

Websites That Suck Vincent Flanders does the dish

TEA MIND :: cha-no-yu "hot water for tea"

Ceremony of Tea Basic overview

Wabi style Tea Essential approach

Zen & Tea Interview with Kort Bergman

Urasenke San Francisco Pithy history of Tea & the lineage of Rikyu

TeaHyakka Urasenke-style info with good links

Chanoyu Urasenke info with several interesting articles (i.e. Chabana)

Wabi-Sabi & Tea Japanese aesthetics overview

Upton Tea A vast array of tea from around the world

Sencha — Green tea

Sencha & Literati Nanga painting of "Cultural Pursuits in the Mountains"

Sencha Tea Ceremony Ogawa School

Tetsubin Japanese tea kettles

Stone Lanterns Various styles

Ikebana Introduction to various styles

Misho Ryu Nakayama Bunpo Kai Shinka-style, avant-garde ikebana (go to "profile" hit english)

Japan Ink Online Journal of Japanese Studies (see Cha-no-yu)

Michi Online journal of Japanese cultural arts
(see excerpt of H.E. Davey's books on Brush Meditation and Flower Arranging)


Streaming Wisdom Peter Warshall's perennial advice

Stephanie Mills Interview: Epicurean neo-Luddite, "Call me an ostrich, but just don't call me late for dinner"

Whole Earth Magazine Archive of articles, resources, & smarts

Watershed Management Council Check out Earth Science Links

The Río Grande/Río Bravo Basin Coalition This is a multi-national, multi-cultural organization with leadership from the United States, Mexico, and the Pueblo nations whose purpose is to help local communities restore and sustain the environment, economies, and social well-being of the Río Grande/Río Bravo Basin. From the headwaters to the delta.

Permaculture Net Introduction & portal for thinking like an ecosystem

Permaculture Institute — Courses & projects & a demonstration farm in New Mexico

Permaculture Net — There is a shitload of information here for an international web of Bioregionalists :: "Bioregions are living systems where every being is connected to, and interdependent with every other; bioregions are not defined by property lines, states, or nations, but by rock, soil, weather, water, terrain, plants, animals, human cultures and human settlements."

Introduction to Permaculture Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

Plants of the Southwest Drought tolerant seeds & plants

New Mexico Farmers' Markets Buy fresh & local

Las Placitas My studio is in Placitas & our watershed is Las Huertas Creek, the source of the village water supply

La Jicarita News "A nonprofit newspaper published monthly in conjunction with the Rio Pueblo/Rio Embudo Watershed Protection Coalition, established in 1994 by citizens dedicated to protecting and enhancing the clean and plentiful waters that sustain the rural communities, culture, and traditions of northern New Mexico"

Institute of MeteoriticsFind out about meteors!

Jemez Mountains The Big Picture of our neighborhood. (Thanks Jim Swan!) What looks like mountains from everywhere around here is actually the eroded base of gargantuan volcano. The Valle Caldera has recently, finally, become part of our National Forests.


Everyday Zen Excerpts of Charlotte Joko Beck

Prairie Zen Center Ordinary Mind Zen School (see readings)

Bay Zen Center Diane Eshin Rizzetto, Oakland, OMZC

Right Here Now Charlotte Joko Beck

Ordinary Mind Buddha Mind Sunryu Suzuki-roshi

Crooked Cucumber David Chadwicks chockfull site of Sunryu Suzuki